A New York City based designer and recent graduate of Parsons School of Design. My practice is mainly centered around print-based media and graphic design. But let’s not limit ourselves. Let’s be flexible, let’s solve problems creatively, let’s allow design to be expressive, let’s merge techniques and share practices, let’s be human, let’s (try to) have fun and embrace the journey of the process, let’s work together.

Fleeting Little Joys
Spring 2023

A categorized collection of documented experiences capturing moments of simple pleasure in everyday life. A curation of experiemental image-making, reflective writing, and journal entries spanning over a decade that act as reminders of the preciousness of the inconspicuous smile. An exploration of the transformative power of mindfulness. A call to celebrate and embrace the small moments that make life worth living as they arise. A book.
MUJI 15th Anniversary My Bag NYC
October 2022

Graphic illustration for MUJI’s 15th Anniversary limited edition My Bag tote. Featuring motifs and colors of the brand’s classic ruled notebook 5-pack meshed together with iconography of New York City, the location of their USA flagship store.

Find Yourself
March 2022

An unconventional map that can be interacted with by all but deciphered by few. An abstraction of the lives of 15 volunteer participants. One page to represent each person’s visual tastes and experiences. An interactive sticker book that allows users to choose which identity they relate to at any given moment, even if it is not their own. An experiment in the relationship between self and other.

October 2022

A RISO-printed exploration of the dichotomy of religion and body. Marriage vows recontextualized as a promise to accept the relationship between outer-body and inner-soul.  Words of love used as censorship. Visual content inspired by the work of April Greiman. A zine.

Design Rides the Fence
February 2022

A magnetic design manifesto statement. An opposition to permanence. Permission to change one’s mind at any given moment. An allowance of flexibility in a typically solidified propositon. A poem. A fridge toy.